Bruno Munari

Bruno Munari (Milan, IT, 1907 – 1998)
Bruno Munari was an Italian artist and designer who contributed fundamentals to many fields of visual arts. He was linked to Modernism, Futurism, and Concrete Art with his different researches on didactic method, movement, tactile and kinesthetic learning. In 1927, he started to follow Marinetti and the futurist movement, displaying his work in many exhibitions. Three years later he associated with Riccardo Castagnedi (Ricas), with whom he worked as a graphic designer until 1938. During a trip to Paris, in 1933, he met Louis Aragon and André Breton. From 1938 to September 1943 he worked as a press graphic designer for Mondadori, and as art director of Tempo Magazine and Grazia, two magazines owned by Mondadori. At the same time he began designing books for children, originally created for his son Alberto.