Eduard Ovčáček

Eduard Ovčáček (Třinec, SK, 1933)
Eduard Ovčáček is a Czech graphic artist, sculptor, Lettrist, painter and professor at the University of Ostrava. His main artistic focuses are Visual and Concrete Poetry, collage and Graphic Art. Paintings, sculptures and geometrical objects fall within his interest as well. Together with Miloš Urbásek, friend and fellow artist, Ovčáček founded, in 1960, an independent group of artists called “Konfrontace” and the “Club of Concretists” from 1967.  From the beginning of the 1960s, Ovčáček kept close contacts with Polish artists like Marian Bogusz. Ovčáček criticised strongly the occupation of the Czechoslovakia in 1968. He took part in dissident and illegal activities related to art, with artworks such as Lesson by Great A.