Gérard Deschamps

Gérard Deschamps (Lyon, FR, 1937)
Gérard Deschamps is a French artist mainly active in Paris. He joined the New Realist group in 1961, a year after its official founding. He abandoned oil painting which he said lacks flexibility, and turned to collages, incorporating pictures of items from the Manufrance catalog. He then started working with fabrics and textile. His compositions containing female underwear, for example “Le rose de la vie”, a blend of predominantly pink panties, corsets, bras, girdles and garters, caused him to be censored several times. In 1970, as he distanced himself from the Parisian art world, Gérard Deschamps moved to La Châtre, home of his grandparents. His creative activity is ongoing, as will again be shown regularly since 1978 in exhibitions and galleries in Paris and abroad.