Gianni Sassi

Gianni Sassi (Varese, IT, 1938 – Milan, IT, 1993)
Gianni Sassi was an Italian publisher, entrepreneur, photographer and record producer. In the 1960s, inspired by Marcel Duchamp, he participated in the loose interdisciplinary network of Fluxus. In 1967, together with Daniela Palazzoli, Gianni-Emilio Simonetti and Sergio Albergoni, he founded ED912 art publishing house. During the 1970s he organized key events for John Cage and promoted the Spanish Zaj group. In 1972, in collaboration with Marco-Maria Sigiani and Sergio Albergoni, he published Frankenstein, a quarterly magazine on technology, poetry and the art market. In 1971 he founded, in partnership with Franco Mamone and Sergio Albergoni, the record label Cramps, producing artists such as Eugenio Finardi, Alberto Camerini, Claudio Rocchi, Arti e Mestieri, Venegoni & Co, Area, Skiantos and many others.