Gorgona Group

Gorgona Group (Zagreb, Croatia, 1959-1966). Part of the Croatian avant-garde, the Gorgona group was created in 1959 in Zagreb by a panel of artists including Dimitrije Bašičević-Mangelos, Julije Knifer and Miljenko Horvat. The group’s practice burgeoned from casual meetings, walks, notes and conversations about their daily lives and various topics while avoiding discussing artistic preoccupations. The Gorgona Group’s legacy tends to value dematerialized and intangible artworks. A significant part of their activity was the publication of an anti-magazine, “Gorgona”, collaborating with artists such as François Morellet and Dieter Roth. The group dismantled less than a decade after its formation, leaving most of its outcome to the Museum of Contemporary Art Zagreb.

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