Jean Dupuy

Jean Dupuy (Moulins, France, 1925). After focusing on painting for over 20 years, Dupuy threw most of his works in the Seine river in Paris in 1967, seen as a drastic move towards a new direction with his practice. He then moved to New York, experimenting new mediums leading to one of his most defining work, “Heart Beat Dust”, an infrared glass light box filled with dust particles, exhibited at the MoMa and Brooklyn Museum in 1968. Dupuy met George Maciunas in 1976, a Fluxus key figure, and through their close collaboration began to produce performances with artists such as Nam June Paik, Carolee Schneeman and Charlotte Moorman. Moving back to his original practice, Dupuy paints anagrammatic texts, making his relation with Francesco Conz propitious to the production of editions and unique works to be found in the latter’s archive.

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