Jean-Pierre Gillard


Jean-Pierre Gillard (Sèvres, FR, 1948)
Jean-Pierre Gillard is a poet, writer and Lettrist artist, active within the movement since 1967. He is particularly known for a series of poems from which “La ratepelision”, composed in 1976, is its most prized. That same year, he developed a pictorial work centred on a single symbol, the Greek letter psi, which appears and disappears throughout the series of paintings (La démarche infinitésimale). In 1968, in Paris, together with François Poyet, Gérard-Philippe Broutin and Jean-Paul Curtay, he founded the NGL (Nouvelle Génération Lettriste) group whose shows combine poetry, music, dance and cinema. As a producer on Radio France Musique, in 1976 he organized Isidore Isou’s Lettrist concert at the Salle Gaveau. In 2002, he creates ET Web, the first Lettrist website on the internet, devoted to Excoordism and Teoisynism, followed in 2005 by the Lettrism Blog and in 2011 by Lettrisme XXIe siècle, the official Lettrism website.