Julien Blaine

Julien Blaine (Rognac, FR, 1942)
Julian Blaine, whose real name is Christian Poitevin, is a poet, visual and sound artist, performer and editor. He has founded several magazines, including “Approches”, “Robho”, “Geronymo” and “Doc(k)s”. He has directed editorial series such as “Zérosscopiz” (1979/89) and made numerous sound works found in various audio anthologies. He also participated as an author and actor in films and video works, including “Collage” (Sarenco, 1984) and “De la poésie visuelle à l’art total” (Claudio Francia, 1999). He founded and directed the cultural art center V.A.C. (Ventabren Art Contemporain) in France, from 1997-2005.