Lee Ufan

Lee Ufan (South Kyongsang, KR, 1936)
Lee Ufan is a Korean minimalist painter, sculptor and academic, honored by the government of Japan. As a painter, Lee contributed to ‘Korean Monotone Art’ (Dansaekjo Yesool), the first artistic movement in 20th century Korea to be promoted in Japan. He advocates a methodology of de-westernization and de-modernization in both theory and practice as an antidote to the Eurocentric thought of 1960s postwar Japanese society. In Japan he became an active participant in the countercultural upheavals surrounding the Anpo Movement of the 1960s. He came to prominence in the late 1960s as one of the founders and theoretical leaders of the avant-garde Mono-ha (School of Thing), related in Arte Povera movement.