Milan Knížák

Milan Knížák (Pilsen, Czech Republic, 1940). Pioneer in the field of performance art, Knizak has been the first organiser of happenings in former Czechoslovakia, debuting what he called “Ceremonies” and “Demonstration” in 1957 and creating a social organisation, “Aktual”, open to anyone whose “basic aspiration was to find a more vivid, all-encompassing experience of everyday life.” Relentlessly aiming to merge art and life in order to inspire awareness, he also focused his work on music, noticeably with his “Broken Music” made by destroying, scrapping, scratching and then reassembling vinyl discs, playing the results of their physical alterations. He was introduced to Fluxus by Allan Kaprow and nominated by George Maciunas as “Director of Fluxus East” in 1965, organizing the Fluxus concert in Prague, together with Dick Higgins, Ben Vautier and Alison Knowles. Knizak was director of the Czech National Gallery in Prague between 1999 and 2011 and is professor of intermedia at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague since 1990.

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