Paul de Vree

Paul de Vree (Antwerpen, BE, 1909 – 1982)
Paul De Vree was a pioneer of European Concrete Poetry and a visual artist. He is the author of numerous sound poems, most of them made in the laboratory of electronic music of Utrecht. De Vree’s work successively covers typographic compositions, audiovisual events, critique of the mass media and the poetic and political use of photographic images. He was founder and editor of the magazines “Vormen” (1936-1940), “Golfslag” (1946-1950), “Lotta Poetica “(1971-1975) and Factotum-Art (1977-1979). Alongside the French poet Henri Chopin, he organized the exhibition Objectieve poëzie in Antwerp in 1963. In 1974 he joined the International Group of Visual Poetry.