Serge III Oldenbourg

Serge III Oldenbourg (Meudon, France, 1927 – Nice, France, 2000). Personal engagement, subversion and protest were the core of Oldenbourg’s work as a performer. Pushing his happenings to extremes, he publicly played Russian Roulette with a loaded gun, despite the organizers’ attempt to stop him, at the “Festival de la Libre Expression” in Paris in 1964. With his friend and artist Ben Vautier, they travelled across Europe through the 1970s presenting Fluxus concerts and happenings in collaboration with George Maciunas. He was arrested by the police as he attempted to hijack a bus to drive him to the library that was hosting one of his performances in 1970. Unfairly underestimated today, Oldenbourg literally merged life and art, giving a definition to this term.

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