The Kipper Kids

The Kipper Kids were a duo composed of Martin Rochus Sebastian von Haselberg (born in 1949) and Brian Routh (1948–2018). The two artists were known for the extreme, raucous and often funny performance art they made together in the 1970s and after. Martin von Haselberg and Brian Routh met in 1970 at East 15 Acting School. After months of improvisation they created the two characters Harry Kipper and Alf Kipper, lately named The Kipper Kids, and began experimenting with different theatrical formats. From 1971 to 1975, most of their performances took place in Europe. The Kipper Kids moved to Los Angeles in 1975. Despite having studiously avoided being part of a movement, they found themselves associated with the early years of punk in Los Angeles. In 1982 they stopped actively collaborating, performing as The Kipper Kids only occasionally until their final performance together at the National Review of Live Art, Glasgow in 2003.