Willem de Ridder


Willem de Ridder (’s-Hertogenbosch, NL, 1939)
Willem Cornelius de Ridder is a Dutch artist, radio broadcaster, writer and publisher. Following his studies at the Royal Academy of Art and Design in ‘s-Hertogenbosch, he quit painting, took a sheet of paper, crumpled it and called it a “Paper Constellation” (PK). He then created PK theater, PK music, PK fashion, PK sculpture, PK installations, PK environments, PK architecture and PK philosophy. This led to PK parties, PK traffic, PK shirts and a PK world concept an so on. When he interviewed Nam June Paik for the Dutch weekly HP, he came for the first time in contact with Fluxus. Soon he was asked by George Maciunas to become a member. He then organized several Fluxus Festivals in The Netherlands and took part in performances all over Europe. Maciunas asked him to set op a European Mailorder Warehouse (instead of a gallery) to sell Fluxworks and become the Fluxus chairman for Northern Europe.