The Edizioni Conz Raum showcased selected works and editions from the Archivio Conz in the city. A series of Guided Tours and performance projects by artists have been presented throughout the year. The Edizioni Conz Raum has closed its doors in May 2020.


Alison Knowles "Some Things"
28.02. - 03.04.2020

The Edizioni Conz Raum is glad to present “Some things”, a selection of works by Alison Knowles from the Archivio Conz collection.

Francesco Conz and Alison Knowles met in New York during the first trip Francesco did there in 1974. Since then they have been working together on a numerous of projects and editions. As it happened with most of the artists that have been closely working with Francesco Conz, their relationship soon shifted from a professional one to a great friendship that lasted for their lifetime.

“Artists are involved in the everyday chaos of life and art, and they promote a debate which is somehow central to the notion of enlightenment.”

Pause: Broken Sounds / Remote Music. Prepared Pianos from the Archivio Conz Collection
15.01.2020 - 19.01.2020

The Archivio Conz, in collaboration with the KW Institute for Contemporary Art, Berlin, has announced Pause: Broken Sounds/Remote Music. Prepared pianos from the Archivio Conz collection – a five-day event and exhibition showcasing avant-garde artists’ “prepared pianos” selected from Italian collector and patron Francesco Conz’s collection. From January 15—19, 2020, the KW main exhibition space will be the stage for performances, tying the artworks to various contemporary approaches and explorations on sound.

Sari Dienes 'S' as in Sugar, 'A' as in Art
14.09. - 20.12.2019

[…] Dick Higgins, many years back, was the very first person to talk to me about Sari Dienes and to tell me that I ought to publish her work. Ben Patterson was kind enough to take me to visit her, twice, which gave me the chance the see her work and to start on my way a first understanding of the myriad gestures that coalesce in her highly complex world. Rip Hayman, finally, was to help me to get to know her better, pointing the way to a firmer grasp of her works, and guiding my relationship with Sari, whom it isn’t always easy to deal with. His patience and devotion have made this miracle possible […]

Francesco Conz

"Spielplatz" : Works and fetish from Archivio Conz by Michel Morris and Vincent Trasov
21.06. - 30.08.2019

The Archivio Conz is happy to present, in the premises of the Edizioni Conz Raum, “Spielplatz” an exhibition of works and fetish material by Michael Morris and Vincent Trasov from the collection of Francesco Conz. Since the late 70’s Morris and Trasov started a long friendship with the Italian col- lector, characterized by productive residencies in Asolo and Verona and an important development of ideas, works and collaborations that lasted until Conz died in 2010.

Daniel Spoerri "Eggcyklopaedia"
26.04. - 15.06.2019

Edizioni Conz Raum is pleased to present “Eggcyklopaedia” a unique work by Daniel Spoerri part of Francesco Conz’s collection. Spoerri  was a close friend and collaborator of Conz, produced various editions with him and largely contributed to Conz’s so-called Fetish collection, every day objects turned into art, without alteration, elevated by the action of the artist’ choice.

Emmett Williams “Fluxus Cathedral”
21.02. - 28.04.19

For the Stained-glass Windows of the Fluxus Cathedral:

…All these funny little people, who are they, where do they come from, and where are they going? I don’t think they are self-portraits, although they do creep into a lot of my works. They have been keeping me company as far back as I can remember, even as a child, ever-present doodles dancing in and out of a kind of automatic drawing.

Eugen Gomringer (unikat and editions)
15.01. - 16.02.19

Archivio Conz and Outset Germany_Switzerland are pleased to announce the opening of Edizioni Conz in the joint premises of Kunst-Werke Berlin. In 2019, Archivio Conz will present select works and editions that will be the focus of a series of exhibitions. In this way, the extraordinary oeuvre of Francesco Conz will be made accessible to the general public.

For the first presentation at the “Raum” a series of Unikat by Eugene Gomringer will be presented. Old nightgowns purchased by Francesco Conz during the years and silkscreened with hand interventions by Gomringer.